Make the GoEV Commitment: Policy Tools

Local governments can join the movement by adopting the GoEV Resolution, drafting an EV Action Plan, and engaging in local, state, and federal EV advocacy efforts. Here's a list of real-world policy examples:


1.1.  The GoEV City Resolution

The City pledges to embrace the GoEV City guiding principles and develop an EV Action or EV Readiness Plan to advance the transition toward transportation electrification. For context, we also provide links to 100% Renewable Energy Resolutions that local governments in Colorado have adopted. 


1.2.  Electric Vehicle plan

Develop an EV Readiness or Action Plan outlining the basic challenges of electrification and proposing a series of goals, strategies, and incremental targets for 2025, 2030, and 2050. The document serves as a comprehensive master plan for transportation electrification in the community and includes a list of action items and deliverables alongside the corresponding City department to encourage implementation.



1.3.  EV Driver Bill of Rights

An EV Driver Bill of Rights defines a series of rights focused on the EV consumer purchase experience, charging experience, and ownership experience.



1.4.  Advocate for state and federal EV-friendly policies and programs

Be a leader in advocacy efforts to advance EV-friendly policies at the state and federal levels. Cities can also advocate for utility investment in EV infrastructure and EV-specific rate design.